Onboarding and HR – Video Trends in 2023 (Part 11)

When it comes to sharing instructions, 83% of people prefer accessing that content by video than by text or audio.

With disparate teams and the rise in hybrid working, we may have seen the back of the type of new starter induction where everyone who has joined an organisation in the last month congregates at head office for a day of orientation, health and safety and vision and values.

Instead, more and more organisations are providing induction by video, welcoming new starters, setting the expectations, and crucially, reaching these people BEFORE their first day.

The benefit of video is that not everyone needs the exact same information. Different sites or different job roles can have site or role specific video tailor made to make them feel welcome and up to date.

What to look for in your video platform

The ability to personalise a core video will give you the flexibility to treat new starters as individuals. Create one set of corporate information and enable local teams or professional functions to add local information.

You might want a clip of the CEO talking about the organisation’s vision and values and then have site leads talking about the culture on their site or professional leads talking about the ambitions of their department.

Choose a video platform that provides this flexibility and personalisation.

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