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about us

Binumi is a unique video platform that empowers individuals and businesses of any size to take control of their communication by providing the tools to unlock, create and share compelling stories that can build opportunity and growth for their business.
Binumi enables anyone to create, shape and share ideas, information and stories by providing a library of over 3 million royalty-free multi-media clips and easy to use editing tools combined with a comprehensive content management solution.
Binumi allows users to create, control and distribute their standalone videos or mix and match their content with our royalty-free footage, images and background music.

our heritage

The concept of Binumi was born in the jungle. In the remotest communities, our Founder and CEO Anthony Copping explored how storytelling is intertwined into the everyday core form of communication, whether told through song, dance and art and how it defines human existence.

It became clear to Anthony that people crave the ability for self-expression, to create their own stories and have the ability to influence the narrative of what was going on in their world. Combined with the emerging new digital culture - Binumi was born.
Binumi began life with a mission to help young people make short documentary video stories. To enable this, Binumi captured and produced a wide range of footage from around the world, and built an online editor, storage and sharing technology that could be used by schools and educational facilities.

The ability to be able to use your imagination, express yourself and be creative is an imperative part of learning and education. Binumi is now in over 10 countries helping children from as young as six tell their stories with some of the best educators and schools in the world.
“A truly captivating and motivating story can change the direction of a business and the way people feel about a brand. Storytelling has been around for as long as humans can communicate but the rise of self-expression through
technology has made audiences hungry for constant stimulation of the mind. Binumi is a game-changer for businesses to unlock their inner potential to express themselves” - Anthony Copping | Founder CEO

the now

While the educational sector is still a strong part of the Binumi business, Anthony and his global team soon realised the platform had application in other sectors, particularly when the tourism sector and businesses came knocking on the door asking about the platform.

The platform and business model has now evolved and Binumi has become a catalyst to inspire creativity and enable the development of communications that can transform a business into a community of
storytellers capable of driving differentiation across the market landscape and create a competitive advantage.

Video storytelling is the next great leap forward for organizations to communicate and engage more personally with customers, staff and all stakeholders. It is going to create endless opportunities for the organizations that embrace it. Binumi is a game changer and is all you need to get you, your teams and customers to start creating and sharing videos.
“Binumi’s vision is a world where anyone, whether an individual or a global corporation, can easily tell their story through creative videos. With millions of royalty-free clips, our easy to use tools and platform, businesses are now able to transform their communication and turn their employees into digital brand ambassadors,”

- Anthony Copping | Founder CEO

why you should use binumi

we offer a video creation platform which can be shaped to any size of organization.

The platform is very modular, can be easily administered and controlled in terms of setting up who can administer and view videos whether internal or external audiences, by project or interest group. Security is paramount to us and our platform includes strong security protection.
Our offer includes a complete package of services including strategy, set up, on boarding & training, creative services and analytics. Sign up for some or all and add or delete services as you need them or to suit your budget.
Binumi offers the flexibility of a yearly subscription service which means you not only control the platform and its content, but who gets access and for how long. We are pretty confident though that once you come on board with Binumi, you will be in for the long haul as your video communication evolves. Your staff and customers will love it.
Let us show you how our unique video platform can empower your organisation to take control of new communication and marketing opportunities available via the Binumi platform. We can provide you with the tools to unlock, create and tell compelling marketing and brand stories.