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about us

“We all have stories to share and create and with our friends, families, colleagues and communities. The only limitation to self-expression throughout history has been the tools and skills to do the task”

- Anthony Copping | Founder CEO


Binumi's founder, Anthony Copping, spent 15 years exploring the world's most remote areas to discover and create original music. He produced and presented important documentaries about disappearing cultures and tribes. His TV series Last Voices from Heaven was aired globally on National Geographic Channels. On his travels Anthony witnessed first-hand that storytelling, in its many forms, is a natural human drive. No matter what our background or cultural heritage we humans share a natural love of communicating stories through words, music, song, ritual and film. Anthony was initially inspired to help remote cultures document their own personal, cultural and historical stories. He then realised we all have something important to say… thus Binumi was born.

Binumi has been designed to disrupt and shape the future of digital storytelling by giving everyone everywhere access to the world’s most powerful online and app based storytelling platform.


We provide an all-in-one solution to creating exceptional videos with a drag and drop editor and multimedia tools. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Access to over 3 million clips of footage, images and audio clips.

editing tools

A simple drag and drop editor with transitions, overlays and much more.


Showcase your video with family and friends.

Promote your business.

Tell your story.

Bring your brand to life.


Bob Raleigh is the former President of Carsey-Werner television, which produced some of TV’s biggest hits, such as The Cosby Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and That 70’s Show.

Steven Peltier is the former President and CEO of Nefsis Corporation and ICS/Advent Corporation, both of which focused on computer technology to develop and facilitate innovative applications for business. He has also been CFO of both The Sickels Group and a small electronics company.

Lars Jankowfsky was the founding CTO of various successful companies, among them, which became the biggest flight search engine in the German speaking region (Exit to in 2010), and OXID, one of the leading German E-commerce solutions provider.

Carlos A Davis is the founder of Latinfly, a distribitor of digital e books and databases in LatinAmerica. With over 20 years experience in academic and professional publishing, he was GM International WoltersKluwer P&E, Sr VP for International at McGraw Hill and President of Richmond Publishing and Santillana USA.


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