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Welcome to the world of digital storytelling.

For the first time, anyone can make a professional
video in minutes. Add your clips, voice-overs and
text and watch your story come alive!

We're handing full studio control over to every Binumi user.
Think you can't make videos worth sharing? Think again. With Binumi, you can.
Present yourself to the world using our library of professional footage, quality soundtracks and a simple but powerful editing tool.
The age of video is upon us; your chance to embrace it begins now.

How does it work?

Sign up to access millions of royalty-free video, image and audio clips and start to create personalised videos by combining them with your own.

Explore Binumi to watch amazing stories made by our users on thousands of topics.

Feeling inspired? Then use Binumi's simple, drag and drop video production tool to tell your story, send a video message, enhance a project with multimedia or just have fun.

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Whether you're on a computer, tablet or smartphone, Binumi lets you make beautiful videos in just minutes, which can be instantly be shared with your friends across social media platforms.

If a picture says more then a 1000 words, imagine what you could say with video! With the power of professional video storytelling at your fingertips now's the chance to say anything you want. Whether you're sending a message for a holiday, birthday or a special event; sharing an introduction to your city, testing out your skills as a documentary maker or sharing the story of your life dive into Binumi, and let the storytelling begin!

Our story

Binumi's founder, Anthony Copping, spent 15 years exploring the world's remote areas to discover and create original music, producing and presenting documentary programmes about disappearing cultures and tribes. His TV series Last Voices from Heaven was aired globally on National Geographic Channels. Because of his work in art and cultural anthropology, Anthony has made notable appearances with organisations such as the EU Parliament and the ACP Group of Nations on the topic of cultural sustainability.

As Anthony witnessed first-hand throughout his travels, people everywhere share a natural love for storytelling. His current goal is to help these remote cultures - along with the rest of the world - tell their own stories using technology pioneered by Binumi, giving creative storytelling the freedom it deserves. The visual interface his team has developed is so simple and intuitive, users as young as 5 years old are now creating their own unique, professional quality videos.

People don't just want to watch videos anymore - they want to create and interact with them too. Binumi was developed to empower people from all walks of life to create their own video stories without the hard work.
Binumi for education

At all levels of education, students are happier and learn faster when they are encouraged to work creatively. Binumi takes out all the hassle and lets educators assign curriculum-based video projects with a simple click.

Binumi provides a safe video environment where teachers and schools retain full authority to moderate the content posted on the video walls of their classes. Schools and Universities around the world are increasingly turning to Binumi as their preferred video platform.

Why has it not become yours? See our pricing page for full details.

Commercial licences and integrated solutions

Binumi provides integrated and collaborative solutions for commercial partners in tourism, real estate and special events.
Get in touch with us for more information about business and marketing possibilities with Binumi.


Ben Richardson (Binumi CFO) is a graduate of Cambridge University. He began his career at Deloitte, qualifying as a chartered accountant. He then became an investment banker at BNP Paribas, working in their Financial Institutions Group. Most recently he worked for MMC Ventures, investing in early stage high growth companies. When he left MMC Ventures he was a partner and in charge of the investment team.

Bob Raleigh is the former President of Carsey-Werner television, which produced some of TV's biggest hits, such as The Cosby Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and That 70's Show. Based in New York City, he has consulted extensively within media and entertainment, developing distribution and sales strategies tied to the demands of the ever-evolving digital content business environment.

Markus Deutsch is the Principal of the strategic advisory firm Landmark Global Associates LLC, which specialises in early stage companies. He was formerly CEO of Cendant's Vacation Rental Group, and is currently on the advisory committee at the NYU Stern Center of Entrepreneurial Studies.

Steven Peltier is the former President and CEO of Nefsis Corporation and ICS/Advent Corporation, both of which focused on computer technology to develop and facilitate innovative applications for business. He has also been CFO of both The Sickels Group and a small electronics company.

Tosh Yamamoto is a Ph.D and professor at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Kansai University in Japan, where he is also an Associate Director with the Division of Promotion of Educational Development. His experience in curriculum development has helped bring Binumi successfully into the classroom.

Mark Lamont specialises in digital education initiatives, was former Vice President at Follett Corporation, and was a Chief Consultant to Encyclopaedia Brittanica and EMEA. Lamont is a learning and technology presenter for UNESCO and CoSN.

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