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"... the most dangerous journey ever undertaken in the search for indigenous music."

National Geographic Channel

For over 20 years, documentary maker Anthony Copping has embarked on over 50 expeditions across the South Pacific Islands, to some of the most remote and dangerous places on earth; on a quest to discover hidden music before it was lost to the world forever.
His work became the subject of the National Geographic documentary series ‘Last Voices from Heaven’, which aired in over 100 countries, and the music from which had multiple global releases through Virgin and Sony.

Binumi makes telling video stories easy

Anthony wanted to inspire a new generation of storytellers to make short documentaries of their own, and needed to find a simple way for them to create these both in and out of the classroom.
This led to the early foundations of Binumi; a video platform for educators and students, that made creating and sharing video effortless and exciting.

from education to everyone

Featuring millions of royalty free clips, cloud based editing and secure video hosting and sharing, Binumi has since been adopted by educational facilities, educators and students across 10 different countries.
Today Binumi is also used by businesses and industries (including media communications, tourism bodies, industrial sectors and non-profit organisations) for everything video; from internal communications through to vast marketing campaigns.

Binumi is the ultimate platform for the creation, management and sharing of video content for individuals and businesses

Video storytelling through Binumi allows organisations to enable staff and stakeholders to tell stories and engage on a personal level with customers, all at a much lower cost than through using traditional video creation methods.
“Binumi’s vision is a world where anyone, whether an individual or a global corporation, can easily tell their story through creative videos. With millions of royalty-free clips, our easy to use tools and platform, businesses are now able to transform their communication and turn their employees into digital brand ambassadors.”

- Anthony Copping | Founder CEO
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