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our adventure story

binumi was born in the jungle

Anthony Copping, a music and documentary maker with a thirst for the undiscovered, set out into the jungles of some of the most remote and dangerous places on earth on a quest to discover hidden language and music before they
became lost to the world forever. Anthony undertook over 50 expeditions which culminated in a TV series aired globally in 2004 by National Geographic who called it “the most dangerous expedition for music in history”
“A truly captivating and motivating story can change the direction of a business and the way people feel about a brand. Storytelling has been around for as long as humans can communicate but the rise of self-expression through
technology has made audiences hungry for constant stimulation of the mind. Binumi is a game-changer for businesses to unlock their inner potential to express themselves” - Anthony Copping | Founder CEO

the discovery

In the remotest communities Anthony explored how storytelling is intertwined into the every day core form of communication, whether told through song, dance and art and how it defines human existence
Back home in NYC it became clear to Anthony that young people craved the ability for self-expression, to create their own stories, influencing and being a part of a new digital culture. Binumi was born...

the birth of binumi

Binumi began with a mission to help young people make short documentary video stories. To enable this Binumi captured and produced a wide range of footage from around the world, and built an online editor, storage and sharing technology
The ability to be able to use your imagination, express yourself and be creative is an imperative part of learning. Binumi is now in over 10 countries helping children from as young as six tell their stories with some of the best educators and schools in the world

inspiring commercial creativity

This rise of self expression through technology and social media has enabled a global step change to take place that means that we all now crave more than simple pictures to tell our stories – we have a thirst for more sophisticated ways to express ourselves and this carries over into the world of commerce
Binumi has now evolved and this unique video storytelling platform has become the catalyst to inspire commercial creativity and enable the development of communications that can transform a business into a community of storytellers capable of driving differentiation across the market landscape