Collaboration – Video Trends in 2023 (Part 4)

Video takes up a lot of space. The last thing you want is it sitting on internal servers, slowing everything down and impossible to share without transferring it to external hard drives. And that only works if the people who needed to share it were in the same office anyway.

Since the pandemic, the way we work has changed completely.

A survey of businesses in April 2022 found that 77% have moved to some level of hybrid working, providing some flexibility between working from home and the office.

Tech that enables online collaboration has become key to making hybrid working a success. And video is rarely a one-person job.

What to look for in your video platform

Keep your video content in the cloud, so colleagues can access it from anywhere. People can collaborate on projects, sharing work in progress files and contributing different elements from different locations to produce a single product. With different people in different countries, use a platform that enables another team or team member to immediately edit and repurpose a video for their local geography.

Look for a platform that is web-based, and ideally with a mobile app so your people can move seamlessly between devices to carry on creating. New content can be added to your video library from any device, anywhere and be slotted into the edit.

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