Purpose Led Storytelling – Video Trends in 2023 (Part 6)

Why are you making a video? Not just because people expect videos now, right?

Video should be an intrinsic part of your organisation’s communications, HR and training strategies, not just an add on.

Use video to share your key messages. Think about what you want the people watching the video to take away at the end.

Consider how you can use video to share information most effectively. How about a pre-first day induction for new starters? In just a couple of minutes, you can not only tell them, but SHOW them how to get to the site by car or public transport, how to access the building, where to store their personal items and who’s in charge. Imagine how invested that individual is going to feel in their new place of work before they even start!

What to look for in your video platform

Choose a platform that takes the guess-work out of video creation. One that’s set up in a way that guides your creators through establishing the purpose of the video long before they start creating it through subject headings, templates and file set-up.

Look for a human team behind the platform to help create and curate your world of stories, provide additional guidance and help determine the purpose of the video by asking what you want your audience to think, feel or do.

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