Remote Working – Video Trends in 2023 (Part 8)

When people work remotely, reaching them with corporate messaging can be more difficult. You can’t rely on posters in the toilets or t-shirts on your canteen workers. Instead, you have to reach them digitally. And we’ve established, by now, that video is very much the 2023 way of doing that.

Video can create the shared purpose on which successful businesses thrive. In a recent Forrester Research survey, 88% of businesses said that video is crucial for their company’s ability to foster corporate culture.

HR might find it easier to explain employment policies, compliance procedures or work from home expectations to a hybrid workforce via an instructional video than a lengthy document.

Use video to describe what people do all day. Share footage of cultural celebrations in different parts of the world. Demonstrate the diversity of your workforce through video.

What to look for in your video platform

Combine scale, flexibility, collaboration and personalisation to reach your entire workforce with messages meant for them.

Gather footage from all locations into one place. Allow individuals to edit specific sections. Provide connection between colleagues with videos that resonate, sharing consistent messages translated into multiple languages.

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