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A video platform designed to enhance learning

Binumi is the world's largest educational video creation platform. Combining over a million
royalty free multimedia clips with an easy-to-use online editor and cloud-based storage.

For Teachers

Create videos to use in your lessons

For Students

Create, design and publish video projects

Simple, Quick, Safe

Need some quick visual stimulus to start a lesson? Need a quick clip to demonstrate a topic in action?
Binumi makes it easy to quickly find, edit and publish relevant clips.



Using our interactive Hive you
can search and find relevant clips



Drag, drop and publish. Great video projects ready in minutes



Our content is royalty free
and age appropriate

Find relevant clips, fast

Quality clips on topics from Art to Zoology and everything inbetween, plus upload your own content

Easy to use online drag & drop editor

Add text, voice over, upload your own content, share and collaborate

Over a million multimedia clips

Ever increasing library of footage, images and music all royalty free

Watch our tutorial videos

Learn how to make your video projects

It's all in the name

BIN: a term used to describe a collection of footage UMI: the Japanese word for ocean