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the video storytelling platform

empower your business with amazing video stories

video solution for business

Binumi addresses the growth in demand for video creation and allows businesses to drive user-generated video campaigns with their communities.
Binumi offers a rich universe of royalty-free footage, editing, hosting and sharing tools, with comprehensive content management in the cloud on both web and mobile.

video storytelling made easy

step 1

Select a story or create your video shot by shot

step 2

Add your own content and mix it with our footage, image and music clips

step 3

Personalise by adding text, voiceover, transitions and video filters

step 4

Host and share your video creations with the world

powerful tools for the digital storyteller

get going right now

You just need an internet connection. No setup required


No big team or budget. Just you, our content and easy-to-use tools

unlimited videos

Our subscriptions enable you to make unlimited videos

world of content

Over 3 million multimedia clips and 8000 pieces of music

creation tools

Drag and drop editor, stories, filters and effects all in Full HD

publish videos

Share to social media create video landing pages and get analytics

videos for travel

Make your memories compelling, turn your life’s journey into motion
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video fun for kids

Let imagination run free and empower a new generation of storytellers
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Want to make videos in a school environment? learn more >

what’s in a name?

bin = collection of clips
u = you
mi = me