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the creative video platform

inspiring creativity for everyone

become active participants in today’s influence economy

a simple tool to make you stand-out

Binumi is a game-changer, a unique video storytelling platform that helps you promote and tell stories in a simple and creative way that will bring your business to life

transforming your team into professional storytellers


up a world of content – with over 3 million multi-media clips and 8000 pieces of music


the tools essential to creating a community of professional storytellers


you to instantly create and share ideas and video stories


the opportunity to build and grow creativity across your business


to collaborate ideas across teams and clients


cloud based content management available on web and mobile


you to take control of the creative process


your business ahead of the game


subscriptions with unlimited video creation

unlock your creative potential in five easy steps

step 1

Use a story template or create your video shot by shot

step 2

Add your own content and mix it with Binumi footage, image and music clips

step 3

Personalise by adding text, voiceovers, transitions and video filters

step 4

Host and share your video creations with the wider world

step 5

Take day-to-day control and ownership of your business communications
95% of video messages are retained compared to 10% of written messages.

Binumi is a powerful tool that enables you to tell compelling stories and share your experiences through video.
It is simple, cost-effective and unique to use. It gives you the tools and confidence to capture the attention of your audience - to create involvement on a new level of emotional engagement that is vital for establishing long-term relationships.
Everyone and anyone can make video stories and Binumi is here to give you the confidence and tools to bring your stories to life.

Come on the storytelling journey with us.

binumi - what’s in a name?

bin = collection of clips
u = you
mi = me