Multiple Videos – Video Trends in 2023 (Part 2)

TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have a combined audience of more than 5 billion users. In the last year, those users spent more than 12 trillion hours viewing video online.

Still think video is a “nice to have” for your business? Developing a video strategy will help you know the type of footage you need to be collecting, the events and milestones you’re going to mark with video, the key messages you’ll share through video and the added value you can gain from video.

Your video strategy will also help you make sure video is working hard for your business. Every piece of footage you capture can be used multiple times and in multiple ways, dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend filming and maximising the reach of your video.

“Going viral” shouldn’t be the aim of your video. Instead, prioritise reaching the right audience with the right message.

What to look for in your video platform

To make the videos you need quickly and effectively you want to be able to combine your own footage alongside stock footage from the likes of Getty and Shutterstock. This gives you everything you need at your fingertips.

Choose a platform that means there’s no need for a comprehensive in-house team, an editing suite or expensive software as you can do it all online.

Make multiple videos fast. Want to roll out a new health and safety induction for multiple sites?
Pull together your core content and enable editing for teams on each site to add their own, personalised content quickly and easily, making your videos accessible and relevant.

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