Scale – Video Trends in 2023 (Part 5)

When you’ve got a story to tell, you don’t always want to get from “once upon a time” to “the end” in one sitting. Instead, you want to build interest and engagement by revealing a bit at a time.

Take a new product launch, for example. You could just use a 30 second clip of the product being unveiled with some bullet points about its benefits, or, you could create a suite of videos bringing the development to life. Introduce the innovators behind the product, tell the story of why, interview some early adopters and get them to describe why the product is so great.

The average human attention span is now only 8.25 seconds, so grabbing your viewer’s attention early, keeping it brief and leaving your audience curious to find out more can all encourage engagement. So why try to cram everything into one video when a series gives you more time to add depth and interest?

What to look for in your video platform

Multiple bite-size videos are easy and effective when your creators can collaborate. With all your footage and work in progress in one place, you’re easily able to check the tone and content of your video series to ensure it’s consistent without being repetitive.

Create the video in house or hand it over to an expert team of video content creators to add a more professional touch.

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