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Use AI to create videos for LinkedIn


- more leads for LinkedIn video ads compared to text or image posts*

Getting leads through LinkedIn can be difficult...

Whether you're creating for your personal or company LinkedIn page, Binumi makes getting leads easier with instant video ads, posts and explainers.

Stand out from the crowd

Effective videos for LinkedIn in minutes - high quality content, zero fuss

Work on videos as a team from different locations - countries, towns or company departments. The best ideas happen when you work together!

The benefits

Management and approval tools make for truly creative, organised teamwork


Millions of free-to-use multimedia clips, thousands of specialist templates. Your video is done and dusted in record time.


Anyone can use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Everyone can get creative - even if they've never made a video before.


How is your new video going down with customers? The admin dashboard provides everything you need, including analytics data.


Once it's finished, get it out there. Share in multiple formats and languages on whichever channel your audience likes to hang out on.


Make localised, personalised versions of your videos. Share them with a targeted audience and your sales will start to accelerate.


More video output with less work. Binumi's video creation tools integrate seamlessly with your existing production process, technology and digital environment.