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enterprise solutions

- Kickstart your video output with our managed services
- Upscale video with your own set of branded templates
- Configurable whitelabel options
- Integrate into your own workflow and platforms
- Easily create, edit and manage video for your clients
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How do I make a video?

You can create a video by choosing a template from the homepage. When you have chosen your template, select 'make', which will take you to a preview page where you can choose your style, music, length and size. Once you have made your choices, click 'next', which will take you to the instant editor where you can choose and search for clips, upload your own content, edit text and much more. It's that simple!

What are templates?

Templates are videos you can customise. Use your own videos, images and music or choose from millions of rights-cleared multimedia assets to create your own video using our easy-to-use instant editor.

How do I add and delete footage?

To add footage to your timeline, simply drag and drop the thumbnail from the content window to where you want to insert it. You can also drag and drop the thumbnail over the [+] button to add it to the end of your timeline. Clips saved in 'Uploads' are added in the same manner.

Deleting footage from your timeline is easy. Just hover over the clip and click the trash can icon. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

How big is the Binumi content library?

There are over 4.5 million multimedia clips in the Binumi footage library and we are not stopping there. Our content team and global partners add new clips every month. Most of our gorgeous content from around the world is only available to Binumi users.

How can I reorder clips in the timeline?

To move clips around in the timeline in the Instant Editor, simple click and drag to the new location. Note: moving one clip over another will cause them to swap places.