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make your own eye spy story

Haunted House

Haunted House
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we're melting story
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start your own story from scratch

Make this classic game come alive with your own "Eye Spy with my little eye" video. Pick out objects in a clip and then give clues to what it is. Add more details before revealing the answer.
length 01:16    #shots 23
Scavenger Hunt
You've been hired to discover who stole plans for a top secret airplane. Use your detective skills to search the city for clues. The thief may be someone you know!
length 01:03    #shots 23
Private Detective
You were exposed to gamma rays and are now moving 100x faster than normal.  Everything around you is moving in slow motion.  You explore the world before the effects wear off.
length 01:32    #shots 29
100x Speed