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Lost in Space

Lost in Space
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lost in space story
searching for the pyramids story
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You were out sightseeing and your helicopter crashed in the jungle. Now you need to find a way out but the jungle is filled with dangerous creatures. Can you survive?
length 01:03    #shots 23
Jungle Survivor
Nothing is cooler than going to the beach and ripping the waves.  But something is lurking under the water.  Sharks are near...  Will you be their next meal?
length 01:06    #shots 25
Hang 10
You're hunting for the legendary Big Foot.  Only a few have seen this elusive creature and the even less have captured it on film.  Trek through dense forests hoping to get proof that the legend is true!
length 00:56    #shots 25
Big Foot
You are making a trip around the world in your plane.  Fly over mountains, forests, oceans, grasslands, big cities and remote islands as you become the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe.
length 01:07    #shots 25
Around the World