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About Binumi

What is Binumi?
Who can use Binumi?
What can I use Binumi for?
How can I get started?

Joining & Subscription Plans

How do I join?
Are there different account types?
How am I billed?
Is there a pay as you go option?
Is there a reseller or volume purchasing option?
How do I upgrade my account?
Can I downgrade my account?

My Account

How do I log in to my account once I've signed up?
What if I forget my password?
How do I change the default language for my account?
How do I update my user profile?

Editing Basics

What are the different types of content available on Binumi?
What is a video clip?
What is a video sequence?
How do I add clips to my storyboard?
How do I make my Storyboard full screen?
What is Auto Fill?
What is Auto Sync?
How do I preview my video?


How do I search for content while in the Full Editor?
How do I search for related clips?
How do I refine my search results?


How do I turn a clip's Native Audio on & off?
How do I record a voice over with Binumi?
How do I add an uploaded audio file to be the soundtrack for my entire video?
How do I add an audio track from the Binumi library?
How do I record a voice over with Binumi?
How do I add my voice over and uploaded audio files to a clip?

Downloading, Uploading & Sharing

How do I download content?
How do I download other shots from the same sequence?
How do I upload my own content?
What sort of content can I upload?
How do I download my finished video?
How do I share my videos?
How do I share my Storyboards?


What browsers does Binumi support?
Does Binumi work on mobile devices?


What sort of personal information does Binumi collect?
How is my personal information used?

Additional Information

What is Binumi’s Refund Policy?
Can I use Binumi content for commercial purposes?
Who owns the content I upload to Binumi?
Will Binumi ever delete my content?
How do I report abusive content, spam or violations of the Terms of Use?