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What is Binumi?

Binumi is a cloud-based video platform which allows professionals, educators and students to create, manage and share videos at scale. We serve a range of business, government, knowledge and non-profit organisations around the globe. Our paid plans are helping thousands of users tell their stories and take complete control of their video communications.

Why should I use Binumi?

We're fast, small and nimble - the platform of choice for those who have never created videos before. Binumi is for everyone. It suits sole traders and equally, it suits large marketing departments at global companies. If you want a different kind of video experience, this is where you'll find a world of content, ready-to-go video stories and award-winning video management.

Who else uses Binumi?

Small independent businesses, artists, creatives and community activists. Corporates, nonprofits, publishers and industrial organisations. Educational and knowledge groups. We have a large community actively creating professional-quality videos using our stunning collection of rights-cleared multimedia clips, drag-and-drop editing tools, and management and sharing features. Are you ready to join us?

I already use iMovie/Premiere Pro/Final Cut - is Binumi for me?

Lucy, our Head of Special Projects, used to be a Premiere Pro devotee. She has this to say: 'Our full editor has 95% of the features of any of the leading video editing software on the market. However, if you're a diehard video editor and love complexity, this isn't for you. I've used Binumi to create hundreds of videos in a week, to manage them across multiple outlets and to track and grow the value of that content. This platform is about scale, vision and community--if you create one video every month then I would recommend staying with your current product.'

Do you offer resources for education?

Yes. We have hundreds of video projects appropriate for every grade level and subject area. Each project contains a curated collection of footage, music and instructions.

I've never made a video before. Is that a problem?

Not at all. Binumi is the best platform on the planet for helping new video storytellers create and share videos. We have a number of built-in support features - intuitive drag-and-drop editing, gorgeous professionally designed templates, help videos from our community - all designed to ensure you get results immediately.

How many videos can I make?

You can create and share an unlimited number of videos with all Binumi accounts - even our free Member plan.

Can I download the videos I make on Binumi?

Yes, you can download in regular, square (Instagram) and vertical formats. Free Member plans allow up to 5 downloads per month. Upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited downloads.

Can I download in HD?

Yes. Binumi provides both SD and HD render and download.

Can I use Binumi on my mobile phone?

Yes. Binumi has a free app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Synced across devices, you can create, share and manage your videos at work, home, or on-the-go. You can even work offline!

Can I share the videos I make on Binumi anywhere?

Once you have created a video on Binumi, you can share it directly to social media or via a URL. You can also download it as an mp4 (including in square format) as well as embed a link into a website. You can also create personalisable landing pages and portfolio pages for your video with text, images and more.

Can I use Binumi offline?

Our mobile app has an offline option so you can create, share and manage at work, home or on-the-go. Offline features mean you can continue to work and produce video content without a data or internet connection.

How big is the Binumi content library?

There are over 4.5 million multimedia clips in the Binumi footage library and we are not stopping there. Our content team and global partners add new clips every month. Most of our gorgeous content from around the world is only available to Binumi users.

Can I combine Binumi content and my own content in videos?

Yes. Upload your own images, video or audio to a secure private folder - then drop that content into the editor alongside Binumi content. Both desktop and mobile feature direct capture, enabling you to upload and edit content on-the-go.

Does the Binumi content library have any footage from my country?

Binumi has content from virtually every country on the planet. If it isn't there, we will likely add it soon.

Is there a *country* version of Binumi available?

The Binumi platform is delivered in multiple languages. New languages are added periodically.

Will all my videos have a Binumi end motion?

Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you can turn off the Binumi end motion.

Is Binumi free?

Binumi's Member plan is free. It provides a great experience, but it's limited. For the full experience, upgrade to a paid plan.

What sort of plans do Binumi offer?

There are 3 plans available.

Member: Our free plan to show you how easy it is to create videos with purpose.

Team: For small businesses that want to create videos themselves.

Enterprise: For corporate, nonprofit or educational partners with full video transformation needs. Enterprise plans include professional editing tools, white-label options and managed services.

Can I continue to use my videos once my subscription has ended?

When your subscription ends, your account will revert to a free Member account. You'll still be able to create videos, but will lose access to some of the content, editing, management and download features. Any videos you have already downloaded can continue to be used but you cannot under any circumstances re-edit them on another platform or deconsruct them and use clips individually.

Can I pause my account subscription?

It is not possible to pause a paid plan. Please contact us via chat or email if you have any concerns with your account.

Can I change payment details?

Please contact us using our chat bot if you would like to update or change your payment details.

Can I sell/monetise the videos I make?

No. Binumi's licence enables you to create videos for business, promotion, communications, education or personal use. Contact us for an Extended Licence if you wish to sell the content you create on Binumi. Other restrictions,including inappropriate use of content, can be found in Binumi’s Terms and Conditions posted at Binumi's Terms and Conditions.

How do I reach customer support or platform help?

For help with the platform and to answer your questions, we have a range of built-in support features. You'll find these on Freshchat or at the Help Center. If you have additional questions or concerns, get in touch with us directly via Freshchat.

Need some help with setting up your account or using the editor?

We've got you covered. Our Freshchat, help videos and courses have everything you need to know. Ready to get started?

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For point-of-use help, select the yellow question mark icon to quickly access support videos within that page. Our chat bot features in-depth answers for every part of the platform. For general support, we have community videos and quick tutorials in our help centre.