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Supercharge your video output
with our AI Video Starter

Move from idea to video editing, fast


Imagine video communications across your business being produced
at a fraction of the cost and at lightning speed.


Unleash the power of AI to inspire your company's video communications, sparking innovative ideas and fuelling seamless in-house video production through all departments.


Transition quickly from concept to editing with our AI Video Starter. It generates your video based on a prompt, sourcing footage and music for you to fine-tune to your brand.


Share work-in-progress files, post videos on team project walls for efficient commenting, approvals, and easy re-editing. All videos can be re-edited and re-purposed as many times as you want.


Exercise precise control over video sharing, restricting access to designated teams or individuals. Leverage data analytics to monitor every stage of your production journey.

Which video will you make first?

You are the person who creates...

Designed for speed


Millions of premium multimedia clips, ready-to-use video templates. Make a fabulous video in minutes.


The drag-and-drop editor is amazingly simple. Within moments, you'll be a video expert.


Download, share… and share some more. Get your video out there in multiple formats including vertical, square and GIF.


You'll get customizable folders. You can display, access and share your finished videos; get opinions on work-in-progress.


How well is it doing? Video reports give you data on view counts, number of shares, analytics and production history.

cross platform

The mobile app means you can make video from anywhere - at work, at play, on the go or on the bus. Get out and about, get creative.