The New Imperative: Unleashing the Power of Video Communication in Business

In an era dominated by visual content across social media and communication channels, businesses find themselves at the forefront of a transformative journey.

Going beyond marketing, the surge in internal communication videos is reshaping corporate strategies, highlighting the profound impact of visual elements.

This blog explores the new imperative of incorporating visuals into business communications, drawing insights from the innovative capabilities of Binumi and emphasising the timeless truth that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Transformation of Communication

The prevalence of video content on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat reflects a paradigm shift in information consumption and communication.

While businesses have adapted customer communications to include GIFs and emojis, the focus has primarily been external.

Internally, traditional communication methods such as written documents, plain-text emails, and phone meetings continue to dominate, yet the rapid shift towards video conversion is rapidly becoming the best thing in internal communication strategies.

Key Insights

Source: TechSmith – The Value of Visuals

Economic Picture – Untapped Opportunity

  • Leveraging video communication could unlock $167 billion in annual business productivity across just six geographies researched
  • The potential for a 0.52% boost to GDP underscores the substantial economic impact of incorporating visuals in workplace communications

Business Story – A Piece of the Productivity Puzzle

  • Two out of three employees perform tasks more effectively with video communication, absorbing information 7% faster
  • Unlocking $1,200 of productivity per employee annually becomes a reality through effective use of video communications

Employee Impact – Pressure Mounts

  • Younger workers, familiar with video communication in their personal lives, demand its integration into their professional environment
  • Millennials are twice as likely to use visual content, express a desire for more visual communications in the workplace

Email Issue – Stuck in the 90s

  • Businesses are twice as likely to increase their use of email with video, impacting employee motivation
  • The potential for enhancing email communications through visual elements is evident, catering to the evolving expectations of the workforce

The Economic Picture: Untapped Opportunity

Addressing the decade-long productivity puzzle requires innovative solutions, and video content in employee communications emerges as a pivotal catalyst. Binumi, with its comprehensive video creation platform, aligns seamlessly with this vision, offering scalable solutions enriched with diverse multimedia elements.

Binumi’s Contribution to Untapping Opportunities

  • Comprehensive Services and Scalability: Binumi’s end-to-end creative solutions address evolving business needs
  • Extensive Multimedia Assets: Diverse building blocks—stock footage, images, music, and templates—empower businesses to create compelling internal communication videos
  • User-Friendly Interface and Collaboration Excellence: Binumi fosters team collaboration through sharing features and real-time comments, streamlining the video creation process
  • AI Video Starter: With versatile AI modes, Binumi empowers users to transform complex information into compelling video narratives in seconds

The Binumi Experience: Transforming Blog Insights into Engaging Visuals

Immerse yourself in the dynamic landscape of video content and witness how Binumi transforms the core insights of this blog into a video through our revolutionary AI Video Starter.

This condensed video offers a window into the transformative journey explored in this blog, highlighting the potent capabilities of Binumi’s AI Video Starter in transforming intricate information into a compelling video.

Conclusion: Embracing Video Communication

As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of communication, integrating visual elements becomes not just a choice but an imperative.

The transformative impact of videos in employee communications is undeniable, and Binumi stands as a beacon in this transformative journey. Embracing video communication is about more than staying relevant; it’s about unlocking productivity, fostering creativity, and future-proofing businesses in an era where visuals communicate with unparalleled clarity.

The clock is ticking, and businesses that adapt will reap the rewards of a connected, engaged, and visually empowered workforce.

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