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Easy Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Video marketing is one of the most effective strategies for promoting your business. It utilizes the captivating power of video to convince customers to buy your products and services.

Thanks to modern video production tools, the cost of producing marketing videos is lower than it ever was. This means that even small businesses with no prior experience with video marketing can successfully use this marketing strategy.

Every marketing video beings with an idea. Once you have a good idea for a marketing video, it’s usually not that difficult to implement it in your video production tool of choice.

So to help you get creative juices flowing, we’ve outlined 6 easy video marketing ideas any small business can implement. But before we dive in, let’s go over some basic facts you should know about small business video marketing.

Video Marketing Benefits

Video marketing offers three key benefits to small businesses:

  • Video is the most engaging form of content, which makes it a more effective marketing tool than images and text.
  • Video empowers customers to make better purchasing decisions by sharing product and service information in an easy-to-digest format.
  • Video is a budget-friendly marketing strategy – it is possible to make marketing videos without spending any additional money up front. 

Video Marketing Channels

Video marketing is a strategy that can be used across different communication channels. The best way to leverage video marketing is to use it on as many channels as you can afford. The good news is that you can usually re-purpose existing video content for use on multiple channels.

Here are the three most common video marketing channels:

  • Website – Marketing videos can be hosted on your website. They can be embedded in blog posts, knowledge-base articles, landing pages, etc.
  • Mobile apps – Marketing videos can be implemented in your mobile app, or as advertisements in the iOS store or Google Play.
  • Social media – Marketing videos can be used on a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Email – Marketing videos can be included in your email newsletter for more effective lead generation and conversion.

6 Easy Video Marketing Ideas

There are many ways to use video for small business marketing. Our list is by no means exhaustive. Instead, it offers 5 basic marketing video ideas that small businesses can implement without much difficulty.

1. Introductory Video

Recommended channel: home page

An introductory video serves to introduce your company, its values, and its products to the general audience. It is more engaging than other forms of introductory content, and it is very effective at generating a good first impression. Introductory videos are typically hosted on above the fold on the home page of your website. They can also be included at the start of your email chain. In terms of production, introductory videos should be short, direct, and visually appealing.

2. Video Ad

Recommended channel: Facebook

Video ads are a marketing staple. The play a variety of roles in small business marketing including product announcements, sale notifications, brand introductions, customer testimonials, etc. Every video ad should has two key elements: a value proposition, and a CTA. The value proposition highlights how the product in question can benefit the customer. The CTA instructs the customer how they can take up the offer. Social media platforms are the best place to host video ads. Note that each platform has different technical specifications for the kind of content that can be uploaded.

3. Product Preview

Recommended channel: email newsletter

The function of a product preview is to give customers a glimpse into your upcoming products and services. Their strategic role is to generate hype and keep your followers engaged in the interim between major product releases. Product previews work well as email newsletter content, since you can assume that newsletter readers are already familiar with your brand. Production-wise, product previews can afford to be a little more vague than regular marketing videos – people like to be surprised, so you don’t have to reveal everything right from the start. Instead, turn your product videos into a series – even better for generating hype, and it pairs really well with email chains.

4. Explainer Video

Recommended channel: YouTube

Explainer videos are there to educate customers on topics which fall under your area of expertise as a business. Because they provide direct value to customers, they typically received more favorably than other types of marketing content. Explainer videos can come in a variety of formats, including interviews with industry experts, animated videos explaining concepts and procedures, and even whole video lecture series. The best place to share explainer videos is on your YouTube channel.

5. Behind the Scenes Video

Recommended channel: Instagram

Behind the scene videos are a form of content designed to give a human face to your company. They typically showcase how your company operates behind the curtain. For example, you can show what an average workday looks like, how products are made and packaged, what employees do during break hours, and any other activity where people take center stage. This form of content is great for building long-term customer loyalty. Note that high production values are not necessary for behind the scene content – in fact, going low-fi can make for a more authentic experience.

6. Video Testimonial

Recommended channel: home page

The best way to do marketing for your business is to let customers do the talking for you. Customer’s are more likely to do business with companies surrounded by positive word of mouth online, and testimonial videos can greatly contribute to this. Testimonial videos can be crowdsourced by holding contests on social media. Simply ask your followers to record themselves talking about your company in a positive light in exchange for a chance at winning coupons, discounts, merchandise, and even free products.


There you have, 6 simple video marketing ideas that any small business can use to achieve good marketing results. Sign up for and try implementing these ideas with our free video production software. Then check out our Pro and Agency plans which offer access to features such as full template access, team collaboration, automated watermarks, and more.

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