Corporate Video Production: Benefits & Use Cases

Video is a versatile media format with high engagement potential. Its widespread adoption and success as a B2C marketing tool is driving businesses to explore other potential uses, especially in the corporate sector. As a result, corporate video production is on the rise, especially in areas such as marketing, sales, onboarding, customer support, HR, and others.

In the remainder of this piece, we will explore the benefits and use cases of video to demonstrate its value in a corporate setting. 

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

High Engagement

Among the various media formats available to businesses today, video ranks highest in terms of engagement. We are primed to respond positively to video thanks to years of exposure via services such as YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and others. This intimate familiarity with video as a media form makes us more likely to act based on information presented in video content. And where there’s engagement, there’s opportunity to leverage it for business goals.


SEO has traditionally relied on text-based content such as blog posts for boosting visibility on search engines. But with the rise of video, marketers began exploring its possibilities as a tool for SEO. An authoritative video on a relevant topic has a much better shot at driving visits and clicks than 10 blog posts competing against each other for positioning on a SERP. Why go through all this text to find the information you want if there is a video explainer tackling the issue neatly placed near the top of a SERP?

High Information Value

Video is more dense than other media formats in terms of information value. Simply put, you can pack more data into a video clip than you can in an image or a piece of text. This is because video is a composite format: you have multiple channels for transmitting information, including images, music, sounds, text, and animation. In a corporate context, investing in video is extremely cost-effective – a talented video production team can produce information-rich content for a variety of purposes just by pointing the camera at the desired subject matter.

Viral Branding

Video is viral by nature. The first reaction of someone watching an interesting video clip is to share it. This is a great opportunity for businesses to increase the reach of their branding efforts. An early example of this strategy are Old Spice commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa as the “Old Spice Man”. A seemingly innocuous commercial, the Old Spice Ad spread through the digital world like wildfire, giving its parent company an exponential increase in brand awareness and authority.

Corporate Video Use Cases

Product Showcase Videos

The most straightforward way to use corporate video is to showcase your products and services. These can be internal or external, i.e. targeted at employees, management, and stakeholders on one side, and customers, investors, and institutions on the other.

Onboarding Videos

Onboarding videos are a corporate video staple. Instead of taking valuable time from your HR officers to teach new employees or customers about your company’s culture, you can record a series of videos chronicling your story. Your employees will also appreciate a faster onboarding process.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to offer value to customers at no additional cost to them. They provide a handy reference for how to use your products and services, and they can be distributed both internally and externally. Having a knowledge base of video tutorials at your disposal will also take the load off of your customer support department, who can simply point customers to the videos instead of explaining everything in person.

Social Media Videos

It hard to understate the importance of social media in today’s corporate ecosystem. Customers and employees alike browse social media on a daily basis, making for an excellent opportunity for raising awareness about your business. Social media videos benefit from being more informal than typical corporate videos, to showcase the human face behind the brand.

Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership videos are a vehicle for sharing your opinions on the world at large and its relationship to your industry. They are meant to showcase how your business is rooted in the past, in control in the present, and prepared for the future. The effects of thought leadership content on your bottom line is difficult to assess, but down the line, you want customers and clients to associate your company with a particular vision they can latch on to.

Client Testimonial Videos

Sometimes the way to praise your company is to have others do it in your stead. A heartfelt testimonial video from a customer or client can go a long way towards generating positive word of mouth about your brand. Your video production team can assemble a collage of testimonials from different people to turn a testimonial video into a documentary feature about your business.

Event Videos

Business events are hotbeds of activity. They are great for generating interest in your business, negotiating deals with other industry members, and developing relationships with customers, clients, investors, and potential employees. In terms of video production, event videos are great because they spontaneously generate content – all you have to do is point the camera and record. – A Different Take on Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production offers tangible benefits to your business. But what about the costs of producing corporate video? Do you need a dedicated team for making video content? Do you need props, recording equipment, scrip writers, and everything else you see during the credits of a movie?

Here at Binumi, we firmly believe it’s possible to produce corporate video content quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or spending a fortune. This is possible thanks to our video creation tools. What Binumi offers is a web-based, easy-to-use, video creation software suite. By joining the Binumi platform, you will gain access to video editing tools, corporate video templates, stock videos, images, and music, and everything else you need to produce quality video content for any occasion. You can join the platform for free to try it out, or subscribe starting at $9 per month to unlock additional features.


Corporate video production is poised to become an integral part of any modern business. Video is one of the most versatile media formats, and as we’ve seen it can be leveraged for a wide variety of purposes with an excellent return on investment. If you’re still on the fence whether to give video production try, subscribe to Binumi and see for yourself that it’s not that hard to produce quality video for your brand.

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