Binumi launches partnership with educational innovator Knotion

Video  platform Binumi has signed a partnership with learning ecosystem creator Knotion.

Knotion, a Mexico-based EdTech business, provides learning systems for schools with trans-disciplinary content for students. Their mission is to make a positive impact on the world by providing students with content aligned with the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Goals. Knotion provides it’s system on iPads, powering learners with a variety of cutting-edge educational tools.  

Binumi has now become an integral part of this award-winning educational system, featuring as the video creation tool for young learners to foster digital literacy, improve their contextual understanding skill and develop global citizenship awareness. Binumi’s educational video creation tool is aligned with curriculum standards, making it simple to integrate into Knotion’s forward-focused learning system.

Find out more about Knotion here:

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