8 TikTok Business Video Ideas

With its short-form videos, TikTok has changed the way people interact with social media content using shorter clips and simpler words to explain complex phenomena. So, TikTok business videos are the next frontier for aspiring entrepreneurs to spread the word about their business and generate new leads.

Still, it takes some time and creativity to use TikTok adequately for business purposes. One of the main prerequisites is to make videos that people will actually watch.

This article presents the eight TikTok business video ideas that will likely draw attention to your business and increase the number of regular followers.

1) Product Presentations

According to Hootsuite, the most shared and watched TikTok videos last between 7 and 15 seconds. It might sound a bit short for traditional product presentations, but that’s the whole point: presenting your products or services in the shortest time possible.

Concentrate on the principal advantage that your product brings to potential buyers and highlight it during the video clip. If possible, show how exactly it works and what benefits it brings. For instance, if you’re launching a photo-editing app, showcase its unique selling proposition, i.e., its main editing tools in practice.

2) Success Stories

Sharing feel-good business stories yields multiple benefits. Firstly, you evoke positive emotions in your first-time viewers and regular followers alike. Hence, the former will more likely turn into the latter.

Secondly, you associate your brand with positive outcomes. Even if it’s not a success story about your business, its contribution to someone else’s success is a good starting point for future collaborations.

Finally, success stories typically contain immediate takeaways for viewers. So, use some stats, show a graph or two if possible, and serve a cold, ready-made takeaway for your viewers.

3) Production Procedures

Whether you create mobile apps, build power plants, or sew mittens, potential buyers are equally interested in the production process.

TikTok business videos are a perfect opportunity to let the viewers peek behind the curtain and see the production process. In addition to showing how skilled professionals make certain things, business owners should also show themselves at work. The more your audience identifies with you, the more attention they’ll pay to your brand.

4) Edutainment Videos

Short TikTok videos have become a preferred learning source for students from different parts of the globe. Hence, the #education hashtag is one of the most popular hashtags on TikTok.

Business owners can use this option to make practical, amusing, and awareness-raising edutainment videos for their business promotion. Such video clips can contain lessons on business procedures, distinguished businesspeople in the given niche, or practical tips that would help potential buyers or fellow business professionals daily.

Also, consider making a content plan for business edutainment videos to give the viewers a sense of expectancy and attract more TikTok users to your business.

5) Quiz-Like Clips

Quiz-like clips or ‘Did you know that’ videos are another great opportunity for entrepreneurs and marketers to produce some valuable TikTok content. Instead of providing sheer facts or dull explanations, spice things up with short business questions and answers. When a viewer feels as if they’re watching a dynamic TV quiz, they’ll feel more engaged to check out the business in question.

Think about offering follow-up quiz sessions on your business website, where you’d redirect the TikTok viewers.

6) Question-Answering Live Sessions

Live sessions are gaining popularity throughout social media and TikTok is no exception. Recommended at a maximum of 30 minutes, TikTok live sessions help business owners talk about their business development, share valuable tips, and answer viewers’ questions. The latter option is practical in boosting interaction between entrepreneurs, their brands, and TikTok users.

So, take some time to think about what you could talk about in your first TikTok live session and make a detailed plan. Record yourself offline first to see how long you can speak without answering any questions. Prepare enough material for a 30-minute live session (or any other desired length) even if no one asks you a single question.

7) Special Events

Depending on the industry you’re operating in, there are various opportunities to combine TikTok videos and special events. For instance, CEOs who pride themselves in their workers’ rights and perks should make a TikTok business video for Labor Day. They could underline everything they do to make their employees feel good or share some worker-friendly productivity tips.

Another idea could be organizing a live session for the company day and interacting with company clients, partners, and employees.

8) Voiceover Videos

Voiceover and lip-syncing videos are among the most viewed and shared types of TikTok content, opening room for practical business use. If you have online followers or regular buyers in a particular region, you can voice over your business clips for that language. Business owners with multiple audiences in different languages could do the same for all the languages in question. As TikTok videos are not long, it’s not a huge investment, and it will resonate well with those followers.


TikTok has been with us since 2017, and it has already changed how people produce and use the digital video format. This is only the beginning of its business use, so its applicability will only grow in the time ahead. Business owners and marketers need to embrace this social channel to put creative ideas into practice and win over new customers, partners, and followers. The tips shared above will help them reach that goal.

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