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Anthony Copping | Founder CEO

Passionate entrepreneur, explorer and subject of acclaimed National Geographic documentary Last Voices From Heaven, Record Producer and Composer with multiple global releases under Sony and Virgin EMI.

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Janet L. Dracksdorf | Head of Publishing

Strategic Education and Non-Profit leader with a career in Publishing and Educational Technology; develops and guides successful partnerships, joint ventures and client relationships.

Tammy McGraw | Head of Education

Senior-level leadership experience in local education agencies, nonprofit organizations, and government; former director of the national leadership area in educational technology for the U.S. Department of Education’s regional education laboratory at AEL.

Thanayu Thanakitworawat | CTO

Experienced developer with 15 years experience building SaaS tech and multi-layered platforms and managing tech teams across Asia.

Mark Landale | Legal Council

Corporate lawyer with over 30 experience in both industry (Unilever) and in practice (City of London) providing advice to numerous businesses and with a particular focus on cross border transactions.

Jenni Dang | Head of Design

Designer with 20 years experience working on award winning projects in Sydney, New York and London.

Lucy Ogilvie | Head of Special Projects

High level experience across creative, content and production for Conde Nast, Pearlshare and London production teams.

Jadet Worachote | Content Manager

A long-standing member of the team, Deddo takes a principal role in growing and managing the content library, supporting key clients and providing platform training workshops for Asia.

Archie Cork | Production Manager

A passionate creative with experience in filmography and editing.