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in-house video solution

Discover the video creation platform that enables teams to create
video stories at scale

greater returns with lower cost

Setup your organisation with one complete video solution for all internal and external video communications, 
with ready-to-go video stories and multi-level support and integrations.

Company communications tranformed and instantly accessible by teams

Onboarding and professional learning + training can be done independently

Setup branded video templates for instant use across the entire team

Configurable content management with multi-layered security

Cross-device syncing enables teams to access company content anywhere, anytime

Visibility across all video creation, hosting, sharing and analytics

Create collaboratively across teams and clients with instant messaging

Host, manage and share content within platform or direct to communities

videos organisations can make

Hundreds of video stories like these

organisation business education not-for-profit ...

are you a large corporation?

We provide an easy, reliable solution for creating, managing and scaling video content