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The family video creation platform for knowledge and creative storytelling

knowledge without boundaries

Explore the world from home and make beautiful video stories to share with loved ones
Enhance learning using educational video projects that deepen academic knowledge

1000’s of curriculum linked
video projects

Create stories on topics
from outer space to wildlife

Simple to use
drag-and-drop editor

Safe and secure

Four major curriculums US,
UK, IB and Australian

Upload content and
record voice-overs

Create independently or

Manage, showcase and
share your stories

videos families can make

Thousands of video projects like these

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Unlimited Video Creation
3 users
5GB personal storage
20GB family storage
Render video in SD & HD
Share directly to Facebook, Youtube, Linked In, Twitter (admin controlled)
Download video in horizontal or square format
Add additional users (max 30)
Customisable landing pages
No watermarks
10 personal video walls
20 family video walls
Statistics dashboard
Storyboard share
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There is substantial evidence that engaging children in video creation can lead to many positive academic outcomes including increased motivation, deeper content knowledge, digital literacy, and enhanced problem-solving skills. Binumi provides hundreds of video projects linked to the U.S., International Baccalaureate, English National, and Australian curricula. These projects cover a broad range of subjects and grade levels and promote creativity and learning through documentaries, video diaries, news reports, virtual tours, lab reports, and other activities that enable learners to develop and apply essential knowledge and skills.
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for as long as schools and workplaces are closed, we’re here for you

Due to increased demand for our remote learning and working tools, we have made the decision to significantly reduce the cost of our family and business packages, so everyone will have access to resources to get through COVID-19 - please accept this discount, and stay safe.

Anthony Copping
Founder | CEO