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Binumi is perfect for education

“ Binumi lends itself to creative, open-ended learning tasks that I've found ideal for mixed-ability classes.”

-Keith Wilson, Virtual Learning Coordinator

Binumi is perfect for education

“ The ability to convey information easily and creatively in 'the Video Age' is an essential skill.”

-Beau Cain, Media Literacy Teacher

Binumi is perfect for education

“ A rich, sensory learning experience.”

-Maria Takolander - Associate Professor, Literary Studies

Binumi is perfect for education

“ I am convinced that Binumi is a robust learning tool to enhance active learning in the new paradigm in education.”

-Tosh Yamamato, Professor

video projects for your classroom

It's clear. Students learn better when visual aids are involved. It's also true that active learning, or "learning by doing", is crucial to engage and motivate students while enhancing their learning experience.

See what an 8 year-old can make >

curriculum-linked video projects

Including video projects in your lesson can be time consuming and we know your plate's already full. Binumi makes it a completely painless process.
Binumi's video project assignment tool takes out all the hassle and lets you assign curriculum-based video projects with a simple click.

Select a curriculum-linked task and instantly assign it to your class

Students get all the instructions, content and tools they need

Finished projects are submitted to the class video wall for evaluation

Want to know if we have video projects in your subject, ready for students to work on? Use the search tool ...
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safe and secure classroom - your students' safety matters to us

All material is age appropriate and your classroom network is secure.
We've created a safe place for you and your students to learn and collaborate.


  1. nudity
  2. violence
  3. illegal activities


  1. secure network
  2. personal data safe

Every student is a university spokesman

Make your graduates stand out with e-Portfolios and Digital CVs

Give graduates an edge in the digital world, enabling them to create amazing portfolios in minutes and amplify the success of your university.

Emerging online courses have changed the competitive landscape of higher education. Binumi enables your teaching staff to custom-make powerful videos to modernise your presentations and courseware

Communicate with video

Be a knowledge leader with the means to engage students directly

Combine the knowledge base of your professors with Binumi's rich content. Produce high-quality, original educational material on a small budget as your team can easily film, edit and share their videos themselves.

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get your students creating with video