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what is a video project

Our video projects are curriculum-linked assignments that use the power of video creation to promote learning and knowledge acquisition. Each project contains all the necessary resources for students to complete it: learning outcomes and instructions, curated collections of footage, an integrated editing workspace, and private sharing environment

how to assign a video project

Assigning a video project to your class can be done in just a few clicks, no training required!

step 1

Choose an age group and subject to display available projects

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View a project and instantly assign or customise the project details

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Watch We’re Melting by Roman

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digital literacy through digital storytelling

A world dominated by screen media has redefined our concept of literacy. Global adoption of mobile devices has changed the way we communicate, learn, and collaborate. Students need the creative and critical thinking skills to become digitally literate. Challenging students through the creation of digital stories not only engages them in the “language of their generation,” but also shifts them from consumers of media to producers and active communicators

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Work and share in a private and secure environment

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