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Binumi's board of illustrious advisors provide vital assistance and astute counsel

Bob Raleigh

Based in New York City, Robert Raleigh is one of the founding partners of Rockefeller Consulting Group. He has consulted extensively within media and entertainment, developing distribution and sales strategies tied to the demands of the ever-evolving digital content business environment.

Formerly the President of Carsey-Werner Television, a leading US independent production company responsible for some of the biggest television shows in U.S. history including Cosby, Roseanne, Third Rock from the Sun, and That 70's Show.

Bob's deep experience in the sales, distribution and marketing of filmed entertainment will be invaluable to shaping and commercialising Binumi's distribution channels.

Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings is an award-winning television and documentary movie producer with more than 400 hours of programming to his credit. After stints as a journalist with the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, Tom began making non-fiction films for the Discovery Network.

Tom has been nominated for numerous film and television awards, winning 20 Telly Awards.Tom is a member of the Directors Guild of America and is proud that his credits include receiving a Pulitzer Prize nomination for Investigative Journalism.

A key aspect of Binumi is the link between content, technology and film making skills. Tom's 20 years experience of storytelling will be invaluable to the development of products and programs relevant to the Binumi user.

Tosh Yamamoto, Ph.D.s

Tosh Yamamoto, Ph.D. is a professor at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the Kansai University in Osaka, Japan. He is also an Associate Director with the Division of Promotion of Educational Development.

His areas of expertise range from curriculum development, course design, active learning to problem-based, team-based and project-based learning through the assessment design with the use of Rich-Media Enhanced e-Portfolios.

His current interest is in the development of an e-Portfolio system for life-long learning for the benefit of all stakeholders that are involved in education. He has been active in disseminating the use of e-Portfolios in conferences as well as giving lectures in Faculty & Staff Development workshops.

Steven Peltier

For most of his career Mr. Steven Peltier has been involved at 'C' level in a number of successful high-tech organisations.

For ten years, Mr. Peltier was President and CEO of Nefsis Corporation in San Diego, CA, USA where he developed an award-winning Software-As-A-Service video conferencing suite and recently sold to a large Japanese corporation.

For eleven years he was the President, CEO and co-founder of ICS/Advent Corp. in San Diego, CA, USA where the team designed, manufactured, integrated, sold, & supported a 19-inch rack-mount PC-based computing platform, primarily used in telecom, data-acquisition & industrial automation applications. Sales reached $140M and the Company was sold to a New York Stock Exchange listed acquirer.

He has previously worked as the Chief Financial Officer of The Sickels Group, a diversified real-estate development company based in San Diego, CA, USA with approximately $1 billion in assets; as a CPA with KPMG Peat Marwick; and later as the the CFO of a small electronics manufacturing company in San Diego, CA, USA.

Markus Deutsch

Markus Deutsch is the Principal of Landmark Global Associates LLC, a strategic advisory firm focused on early stage companies. The firm assists clients in strategy development, business structuring, fund raising, and divestitures. Mr. Deutsch was also President and CEO of Cendant's Vacation Rental Group (VRG), a $1.2 billion revenue company that he built from a 1999 business plan.

Prior to VRG he was Managing Director of Cendant's travel membership and hotel franchising business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Mr. Deutsch acquired 19 companies during his tenure at Cendant. He has also held positions at PolyGram & Citibank, and is currently on the advisory committee at the NYU Stern Center of Entrepreneurial Studies.

Mark Lamont

Mark Lamont is a global education entrepreneur. He has operated from Sydney, London, New York and Dubai over the past two decades, engineering some of the world's largest and most disruptive digital education initiatives. In 2011, he established the Fujitsu-Follett Corporation partnership to establish Canada's first province-wide information and learning system, MyEducationBC, serving over a million students, parents, teachers and administrators. In 2012, he turned a pro-democracy social network into a learning technology company serving schools and colleges across four continents.

In the late 90's, Mark Lamont established the first revenue stream of Australia's first publically-listed education Internet company, worldschool Limited. He went on to extend Telstra-backed Open Source education portal, myinternet Limited, to 4 million school users across four continents within five years. Prior to the Internet, Lamont was a Random House and Nelson Thomson author, a state assessment and pedagogy reviewer, and a college economics lecturer. Since the Internet, Mark Lamont has served as Vice President at Chicago-based Follett Corporation, and was Dubai-based Chief Consultant to Encyclopaedia Britannica EMEA, securing the company's largest ever digital licensing deal outside the US, in South Africa.

In recent years, Mark Lamont has been a regular learning and technology presenter at UNESCO, Paris and CoSN, Washington DC. He is on the boards of several education technology companies and industry peak bodies, and is founder and Chair at the education technology development hub World Mosaic. He has facilitated several #edtech mergers, acquisitions and trade sales. Mark Lamont is assisting Binumi’s strategic growth throughout Europe, the United States and Australia.